Submit your HTML5 game

We are always looking for quality games to publish on our gaming network (,,,,,

Your games are in good hands with us, we'll treat them well and show them to over 10 million players monthly.

Before you submit your game, we have a few things to ask/tell you:

  1. the games must be bug free, obviously :)
  2. do not use links/buttons that are obviously meant to confuse/trick players into clicking them. Tricky links will harm both our website and yours with high bounce rates and low revenue. For instance:
    • an external link cannot be the only button in a screen, if it creates confusion. (e.g Play More and no Continue button)
    • during gameplay, it's best not to place more than one external link per screen (e.g. More Games button, Logo, thumbnail etc.)
  3. we will refuse games that have low quality graphics, difficult gameplay, violence or explicit content.
  4. if you want to site lock your game, please check our list of hosts here.

We will gladly publish quality games that respect the points above.